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13Th Year Anniversary Menu 





Quenas Chicken Wings.


Chicken wings marinated on your choice:

 Anticucho sauce, Ceviche sauce or Aceituna sauce


Inka’s Quinoa Soup

Beef quinoa soup, served with a kettle.


Quinoa Cakes


Causa Acevichada with Avocado.

Cold yellow smashed potato infused with key of lime juice pressed into a cake top with avocado and cover with fish ceviche.


Tallarin de Mariscos a la Diabla.

Fettuccine served with mixed seafood cover 

In homemade red sauce, made with two

 Peruvian red peppers. ( Panka pepper & Rocoto pepper)


Salmon Andino

Pan fried Salmon coated with quinoa cover in homemade lemon sauce 

served with white rice and veggies.




Pork stew cover in homemade red sauce made from two

Peruvian red peppers, served with white rice and bread.


Tallarin a la Huancaina with Lomo Saltado or Shrimp 

Fettuccine cover with feta cheese sauce served with grilled shrimp 

OR lomo saltado ( pieces of sirloin steak, sautéed with onions,

Tomatos and peppers)



Trucha Andina

Lightly fried trout cover with homemade lemon sauce, served with 

quinoa sticks and mixed veggies.

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