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8 Year Anniversary Menu




Coconut Ceviche

Fresh Salmon and seafood marinated in lime juice, coconut milk and Peruvian peppers.


Causitas Rellenas de Pollo o Tuna

Cold yellow smashed potato infused with key of lime juice pressed into a cake stuffed with Chicken or Tuna


Tiradito de Tuna

Fresh tuna cover with lime juice, soy sauce and Peruvian Andean spices served with seaweed salad.


Quinoa Cakes

Delicious cakes stuffed with Quinoa and served with onion salad.




Salmon Andino

Salmon coated in Quinoa served with shrimp accompanied with mixed vegetables and yellow rice cover with homemade lemon sauce.


Tallarin Verde con Pato

A traditional green fettuccine made with basil, spinach and fresh cheese served with grilled Duck breast.

Chicharron Cusqueño with Huacatay Sauce 

Roasted pork served with baked potatoes and solterito salad cover huacatay sauce.


Trucha Andina

Lightly fried trout served with solterito salad and yucca fries.


Salmon con Camarones a la Diabla

Spicy  grilled Salmon served with shrimp cover in our homemade red sauce made of two types of Peruvian Peppers.


Tallarin Rojo con Camarones

Red fettuccine made with a Peruvian red pepper and shredded carrot, served with Shrimp.





Sweet, ring-shaped fritter with yellow squash and sweet potato, sweetened with Peruvian honey.


Quinoa Pupping


Suspiro a la Limeña

Suspiro Limeña is a traditional Peruvian dessert. whose name can be translated to “sigh of Lima”.. This recipe is golden  silky smooth caramel-like custard base, which is then crowned with a light and creamy liqueur meringue.